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Biospicefoods was founded in 2017 by José Tarcísio Malacarne and his son José Tarcísio Malacarne Jr, with intentions to work in the domestic and foreign markets for spices and foods.

Its founder José Tarcísio Malacarne, counts with more than 30 years of experience acting in the international market commercializing spices of our region. Our activities are mainly focused on the organic and conventional spices market, with our Pink Pepper being organic certified for the American, European, Brazilian and Swiss markets.



Our Commercial Assistant, José Tarcísio Malacarne Junior, gave an exclusive interview to the ANBA website (Brazil-Arab News Agency), telling about the market and the products sold by Biospicefoods. See the full article by clicking on the following link: https://anba.com.br/cresce-demanda-dos-arabes-por-pimentas-brasileiras/



We are strategically located in Linhares, in the State of Espírito Santo, close to the main producing centers of Black Pepper and Pink Pepper. Espírito Santo is an important spice production center in Brazil.


From the company's facilities, spices are sent to the most demanding markets in the world, under our strict quality control standards.

The logistics facilities of the region allow access to the Port of Vitória in a few hours, 130 km away from Linhares, the capital also has an international airport. Linhares will soon have its own modern cargo airport.

The BR-101 highway that cuts Linhares is an important link between northeast and south of Brazil along the coast, and the main consumer centers of the country São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. With this infrastructure, we are able to access the main consumer markets in the world.